Ecologically sustainable wastewater treatment


MBR Wastewater
Treatment System



Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Spurred by today’s focus on environmental protection, treated effluent has become a sustainable source of water which can be used for irrigation and for a variety of other purposes. Tristar Water Solutions specialises in solutions for harvesting wastewater using advanced treatment technologies.

Potable Water Solutions

The treatment of brackish groundwater or seawater is often necessary to ensure water meets Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG) or other statutory guidelines. Tristar Water Solutions delivers solutions for the treatment of all types of raw water using reverse osmosis processes, filtration and various disinfection technologies.

Technical Information

Interested in finding out the differences between MBR, SBR and SAF treatment technologies? How does the Reverse Osmosis process work? What’s the best way to make drinking water safe? To find answers to these and many other questions go to our Technical Information pages.

Rental Plant

Exploration companies, and other mobile work crews who establish camps in the bush for a relatively short period of time, don’t have to incur capital expenditure on purchasing a wastewater plant or feel compelled to get by without one.

No matter how many people you have in your camp, you can get a wastewater plant that meets your needs for a relatively modest monthly rental.


Why Tristar?

What you'll get with Tristar water Solutions.

Plants made to work in harsh remote areas
Full accountability for project delivery
In-house design/detailed engineering done by engineers
Plants that comply with statutory requirements
In-house fabrication and testing
Project management and document control
On-site installation, commissioning and training
24/7 after sales service
Ongoing maintenance and parts support
A commitment to quality backed by lengthy warranties


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